Leather Good Info

Boxed Bottom Purses                                                
$200 (Starting price)
”BB”s are approximately 12” tall, 14” long, and 4” wide. They can only have fringe on the sides But they can have a zipper, a flap, an open top, or a snap closure. They can be unlined or lined and they can have a shoulder strap or a crossbody strap. These work great as shoulder bags but they can also be carried as a large crossbody!


Crossbody Purses

$200 (starting price)
Crossbody’s are approximately 12”x12” (but can be made in any dimensions) And they are usually unlined to keep them Light weight but we can line them if wanted. They can have fringe on the bottom, the sides, or both. Crossbodys can have either a zipper, a flap, an open top, or a snap closure.



(Small Style)

The Small Style is approximately 12”x14”x4” and they have 3-4 Interior Pockets and 2 Exterior Pockets. $300 (Starting price). This one has a different style/look than the Large and Medium Style.

(Medium Style)

The Medium Style is approximately 11”x15”x5” and generally has 6 interior pockets and 3 exterior pockets. $350 (starting price)

(Large Style)

The Large style is approximately 13”x18”x8” and generally has 6 Interior Pockets and 4 Exterior Pockets. $400 (starting price)

Reverse Arrow Purses

$250 (starting price)
The Reverse Arrow Bag is 13” tall and 19" wide across the top and is usually lined and has double straps. It can have fringe down the sides if wanted. They can have a small flap, open top, or snap closure.


All Around” Clutch/Wrislet/Crossbody Bags
All Arounds are 7” tall 9” wide and have a built in wallet with a place for your cash, cards, and it will hold a IPhone Plus. They come with a wristlet strap but can be upgraded to come with a Crossbody strap. They can have 6” or 12” fringe added. They start at $100.

Business/Diaper Bags

(Small Style)

$300/$375 (starting prices)
Diaper/Business Bags come in Large and Small, they are lined with 7 interior pockets and 2-3 exterior pockets. They usually have a flap, Zipper, or open top. Larges are 16” long 12” tall 6” bottom and start at $375 and Smalls are 14” long 12” tall 4”bottom and start at $300.

(Large Style)

 Baby Wipes Cases

Our Original Design, Before all of the copy cats. We can make these for pretty much any brand of wipes you want. Fringe, a Wristlet Strap, Initials, a Brand, and more can be added! These have a snap closure and are reusable. When the pack of wipes runs out, you just take the empty pack out and insert a new one. 
$35 (starting price)

Upgraded Purse Straps

We can make custom straps in any length and any leather! They can be put on any bag that has rings to clip them to (not just our bags)!


Wristlets start at $45 and go up depending on size and design! They are generally 7”x9” but can be made in any dimensions!


Shaving Kit/Large Makeup Bags

These are approximately 10”x4”x5” and are generally unlined but can be lined!


Small Makeup Bags

These start at $30 and are generally 7”x9” but can be made in any dimensions! These can be made in any leathers and hides that you prefer.

Watch Bands

We can make these for almost any brand of Smart Watch (starting at $65)! We can also make customized hand tooled bands ($150).


Belts start at $125 and go up depending on the design! We can put initials or custom brands on them.


These start at $10 and go up depending on size, design, and whether or not you have fringe added!


We make Men’s and Women’s TriFold and BiFold Wallets! The pictures below are Women’s Bifold and Trifold wallets for comparison.

Women’s Bifold Wallets have 5 Card Slots and 2 Cash Slots! $65

Women’s TriFold Wallets have 6 Card Slots and 2 Cash Slots! $100