Custom Halters

Custom Halters
We offer three styles of Halters
Rope $75
Muletape $100
Buckle $175
Hybrid $125-$250
You get to choose your Leather/Hide, Whipstitching Lace Color, Embroidery and Embroidery Color, Halter Color, and if you would like to add any Conchos or Rosettes on the Cheeks!
Whipstitching Lace Colors⬇️
(other colors are available upon request)

 Halter Color Options⬇️

We can add your Brand/Logo⬇️

Rosettes ⬇️

(We can do almost any colors)

More options are available

Some conchos will add to the price

($50-$100 for custom Authentic Turquoise Conchos)

We also make Pony Size Halters! ⬇️

Rope Halters⬇️

Muletape Halters⬇️

Buckle Halters⬇️
(We have tons of pictures on our Facebook and Instagram)

To view all of the Leather/Hide Options click here⬇️

Leather Options

Checkout our Awards page for Custom Award Halters and more!