All the info you should need to place an order should be below! If you have questions please message us.

Crossbody straps

The sizes for Crossbody straps vary slightly but are generally these sizes
Short 38“
Medium 44“
Long 50“
Custom length straps can be made.

Custom Order wait time

Custom order wait time is ATLEAST 2 weeks, sometimes longer. It is possible that your order will be done sooner but nit for sure. As of August 12th 2021, we are approximately 10 weeks out for purses, 12 weeks out for Backpacks, and 4-6 weeks out for smaller items.


No two pieces of cowhide will be the same, we can match it as closely as possible, but not exact.

Custom Order Deposit

To officially place your order, you must pay either half of your total or Your full total. We also Offer Sezzle!


Shipping on Small items is $5 (for one or multiple items). Shipping on Purses is $10, and Shipping on Backpacks and Diaper/Business Bags $20. 
overnight shipping is available for $30-$50. Shipping for a Cowhide is $20. International shipping can be quoted also.

We ship USPS Priority Mail so $50 Insurance is included but more can be added at your request (before it is shipped). If you do not request extra insurance and the package is lost in the mail WE WILL NOT REFUND OR REPLACE YOUR ITEM(S) OVER $50!!!!!!!

Terms & Conditions 

~All turn around times are Approximate!

~We don’t give refunds! For any reason!

~We send invoices through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay your invoice!

~Custom orders must be paid atleast half up front, the other half is paid after the item is finished and before it is shipped or you can choose to full pay up front. If it is not paid in full within 10 days of being finished, we have the right to sell it to someone else and you lose all money that has already been paid.

~There will be no refunds on custom or in stock orders. If you decide you do not want the item after it is finished (or as it is being made, or before it has been started), you forfeit all money that has already been paid (whether it is the first payment only, or the full amount). In stock items can be exchanged for another in stock item. (Must be in brand new condition and sent back within 15 days of you receiving it, and you are responsible for paying all shipping costs)

~Shipped items usually arrive to you within 2-4 days.

~PayPal or our website will send your tracking via Email

~It is your responsibility to make sure your shipping address is updated and correct. We are not responsible for items that get shipped to the wrong address!!!!!!


~You MUST tell me the correct order of any initials and if the center one is larger or all the same size. I can not make changes to a item once it’s made. If the name is John Jack Doe, you need to tell whether you want it to be “JJD” or “jDj”. Be very specific. 

~When ordering a Cowhide bag keep in mind that over time it is normal to have some shedding. Avoid constant rubbing with the cowhide so that bald spots do not appear.

~We are not responsible for wear and tear due to use of the bag.

~If there is a problem with the bag that we can fix that is a result of our construction, we will fix it But please be reasonable with your claims, If you’ve been using a bag for 5 Years and the zipper breaks because you overloaded it, please don’t ask us to fix it.

~Do not assume your order is placed because you have messaged us. If you have not paid, we are not making your order. 

~When purchasing a belt, we ask you to measure a belt that fits you correctly from the fold on the buckle end, to the hole you currently use. If we make it to your measurements and it does not fit, its on you, if we make it to different measurements than you gave us, we will replace it.

~Wait times start as soon as it is paid for. (Ex. The item is paid for on July 30th, the wait time is 4 weeks, expect the item around August 30th)

~You cannot swap a custom order for a instock item until after it is finished and you receive it. (It will then be processed as an exchange since we do not give refunds!) Custom orders with brands or initials (or any type of customization) can not be exchanged 

~I have the right to choose who I sell an item too!

~By paying for any item (half or full), you are accepting and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

A Facebook message or a text is usually the easiest way to reach me. My name is Hollie and my phone number is 601-746-2040.